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Timber is extensively used in production of furniture, the production of beams and planks. The use of timber is growing extensively in the production of structures and construction. Our range of timber is imported and ethically sourced from reliable and sustainable suppliers from all over the world, including Australia, America and Europe. We trade with high quality timbers including african Eroko, Oak, Teak, Beech and more.

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Plywood is a sheet material manufactured from thin layers of ‘plies’ of wood glued together with strong adhesive, made with either softwoods or hardwoods, depending on the wood used. Popular types of plywood are more often used in construction like Marine plywood and commercial plywood. However, other common types of plywood are used for joinery work with an aesthetic veneer on top.


Blockboard consists of a core made of wooden strips or blocks, placed edge to edge between two layers of plywood, which are then glued together under high pressure. Generally, softwood is used in blockboards. Blockboard is generally used for building long bookshelves, tables and benches, single and double beds, settees, and lengthy wall panels. It is light in weight, and is used extensively for building interior and exterior doors. We offer indonesian types of plain blockboard, veneer type blockboard and polyester blockboard.

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MDF (medium-intensity fiberboard) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hard/softwood residuals into wood fibres. MDF is a high-grade material. We import our MDF boards of high quality from Malaysia. MDF boards come in plain, waterproof, fire-rated and veneer type.

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Insulation boards

Our range of high quality insulation boards including bitumen boards, imported from Norway, are mainly used as a base material for expansion joint fillers and for concrete. The insulation boards range in different dimensions and thicknesses depending on the customers use.